Saturday, 12 January 2013

a building

This small piece is sent for Regh by Anand Manavi. The accompanying photograph is an addition by Regh.

It's more confusing to think about the confusing emotions that the building brings into the mind.
It makes you nostalgic.
This particular nostalgia makes you sentimental. 
Why does it make you sentimental?
Probably its stone walls have some haunting feature.
Or may be the thought of the hands that have touched the walls over the years brings in the sentimental touch.
Or may be the thought that you could never touch the hands that you saw touching the walls makes the whole thing sentimental.
Somebody may laugh over the sentimentalism of the thought, but that is what the building does to you. You can't stop it.
"Sorry, My Lord, but I can't stop it."
Photo  : Regh


  1. These days most of my brethren think of a building in terms of Maruti TV ad "Kitna deti hai"..."what is the rate per square feet" and how some one either known to them or themselves have made a 'killing' in this!

  2. For me there is a feeling of mystery, a feeling that I had missed something and here it is again - but what 'that' is remains a mystery!



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